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JMS, Jim Lee change Wonder Woman's costume, origin

Posted by Sean T. Collins at Robot6:

Internet, prepare to be broken in half: As you've read at The New York Times, DC's Source Blog, and right here at CBR, Wonder Woman is getting a new costume and new direction starting with tomorrow's issue #600.

According to writer J. Michael Straczynski's comments on the Source, his Wonder Woman run will see the Gods "change the timeline," removing their protection from Paradise Island, leading to its destruction and to Wonder Woman's Superman-style smuggling off the island as a baby to be raised among normal human society:

It’s now nearly twenty years later. Diana has been raised in an urban setting, but with a foot in both worlds. She has little or no memory of the other timeline. She knows only what she’s been told by those who raised her On the run, hunted, she must try to survive, help the other refugee Amazons escape the army that is still after them, discover who destroyed Paradise Island and why…and if the timeline can be corrected or not.
To continue reading the article, click here: -womans-costume-continuity/.

To just get a look at Wonder Woman's new outfit, click here:

The new costume looks a bit better in a more dynamic pose. Here is Don Kramer's alternate cover to Wonder Woman #600: an_1.jpg.

The illustration does, arguably, put a bit too much emphasis on Diana's cleavage.

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And then they retooled it again. Lee is a horrible costume/character designer, though not as bad as Liefeld. Quite frankly, the only revision I have liked was the one Darwyn Cooke did for DC: The New Frontier, with her battle armor echoing the ancient Greeks. He also drew her as taller than Superman.

Fortunately, Ah keep mah feathers numbered for just such an emergency!