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This movie is a childhood classic!

for me and my sibs, anyway. We actually probably saw it several times around 1980, since I remember it so well. It must have been on one of the movie channels, because we saw it MANY times like on TMC. Someone else mentioned the onion bath on another thread- I do remember that, but I think it was Kiser Pease they put in it, not their dad. Anyway, it's pretty good to see others who remember this film fondly.

P.S. we also used to make fun of it sometimes. The way Mary Call said her name, and we called Devola Devilola. It was all in fun....


It was Kiser. I have a really old copy of the book. If you liked the book, you might enjoy "The Education of Little Tree," or "Lizzie's Blue Ridge Memories."

Here are two links, one to the book review:

*The shape-shifter is in and will take your calls now.