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New Info about Matthew Burrill (Romey)

Hi everyone! I've got new (well, new to me, anyway) and exciting news about one of the key actors in this wonderful film.

My brother and sister-in-law were in Asheville, NC recently and stopped at a restaurant call The Fiddlin' Pig. Julie, my sister-in-law, started talking to one of the owners and mentioned the fact one of my favorite movies was made in that area back in the 70's. The owner (woman) asked which movie it was and Julie told her it was WTLB. The woman had a huge grin on her face and said something along the lines that her husband was the one who played Romey!

Julie immediately went outside and called me on her cell no avail. I wasn't home! But my husband gave me the message when I did get there. I about died! I've always wanted to meet one of the four children and I had a crush on Romey anyway when I was a young girl.

I won't bore you with anything else but they do have a website you can go on to see all about their restaurant including directions, menu, entertainment, etc. Go to

FYI - there are pictures of Matthew and his wife and daughters. His one daughter (the dark-haired one) looks just like him, IMO.


Thank you for sharing! I looked at that website.

This is one of my favorite movies and it's been so long since I've seen it.

That restaurant (the Fiddlin' Pig) looks like a fun place to eat. Too bad I'm nowhere near there!


You're welcome! Glad to share any info I can.

I'm about 5-6 hours North of Asheville. I've been there, but it's been several years (we went to the Biltmore and other places).

Looks like my family needs to plan a trip!

Romey sure has changed, hasn't he? Of course 30+ years will do that to you. Still, you can tell it's him and his wife and daughters are very pretty.

I would love to call and personally ask Matthew myself if he would autograph my VHS (I'd love a DVD copy) of WTLB whenever we'll able to visit his restaurant, but I don't know if I can get the nerve up! Maybe I'll have my husband do it instead.


Yes, he has changed. He looks very different.
I wonder if he would autograph that for you. Probably.
I don't even have a VHS copy anymore! A VCR ate it. I would like a DVD copy too.


Oh no! I hate that a VCR ate your copy. I know you can get a copy from Amazon but I think they're pretty expensive for even a used one. I got mine from a company several years ago called but the movie seems to be very dark in some spots so I don't know if I would even recommend you try there. I'm not even sure if they're still in business.

It really is too bad such a lovely film isn't on DVD when a bunch of other crap is.


Matthew used to live beside me breifly in Lenoir NC. He is a very nice guy. I will have to go to his restaraunt. Have not seen him in years.


Looks like The Fiddlin Pig may be out of business.

Here are some more links referring to it. T4GGHP_enUS366US367& S366US367&sclient=psy-ab&,o r.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=98321e06313ea167&biw=1259&bih= 593


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