anyone have any info on the songs/ soundtrack for this gem? thx


This is all that I could find:

Where the Lilies Bloom
Written and Performed by Barbara Mauritz
All the Things Inside of Me
Written and Performed by Barbara Mauritz
My Country, 'Tis of Thee
Words by Samuel Francis Smith
Music by Henry Carey (unconfirmed)
Wedding March
from "Lohengrin"
Composed by Richard Wagner

But Earl Scruggs did record a soundtrack. It is available as a vinyl record:

A1 Where The Lilies Bloom 2:41
A2 Opening Narration 2:00
A3 Turkey Chase 2:00
A4 All My Trials 3:02
A5 I Love My Love 0:58
A6 Where The Lilies Bloom 1:56
A7 Flint Hill Special 1:39
B1 Carolina Boogie 1:57
B2 Been A Long Time Traveling 1:02
B3 Stash 2:12
B4 Narration 0:45
B5 All The Pretty Little Horses 1:01
B6 Keep On The Sunny Side 1:31
B7 All The Things Inside Of Me 1:40
B8 Closing Narration Where The Lilies Bloom 2:40

You can listen to it here: