Anyone else read the book?

I read it a long time ago. Likely around the Bicentennial. I happened to catch most of the movie today. Something I remember from the book, that since I didn't see the whole movie on THISTV today, wondering if they were in the movie. The roof cave in from snow + a fox & the fox fell into the living room. Mary Call kicked the fox in the underbelly. And they had to shut off the living room due to the hole in the roof.
In the book, Davola seemed much more lofty [aka cloud minded]
Not in the movie: Mary Call had some ailment or other issue that made her incapacitated for awhile and when she woke up/recovered, Davola's lofty headedness had cleared and Davola made the decision to marry Kiser Pease and was assertive about the decision
And these observations can contain mistakes & errors as I read it so long ago