was this film copied ?

The movie is about a man who thinks he has committed a crime goes in to the wildness and makes friend with a dangerous animal as we know Dan Haggerty is in this movie and its the same idea as grizzly Adams just wondered if anyone knew if this movie was the idea behind grizzy Adams


Grizzly Adams was actually a real man and the subject of a fictional book before "When the North Wind Blows" was made.

To me it seems "North Wind" had kind of a political problem when it was made. It was meant to be set in Siberia, but after they finished it somebody decided that a movie set in Russia released during the Cold War just wouldn't fly.

So you have a film full of Russian named characters talking about Russian place names (Usuri River, Lake Baikal, Krasnoyarsk) suddenly being set in...Alaska. (Never mind that Siberian Tigers haven't been within a thousand miles of Alaska within recorded history)

Is it possible "North Wind" was adapted from "Grizzly Adams" before they got the rights to the story, or that the producers of both decided to use "Grizzly" to adapt "North Wind" to audiences in the West? No way to be sure, but I've wondered for a while.

It's interesting too that the people that made both have made a number of movies and TV shows about people leaving civilisation to live contented lives in the wilderness.(They of course, stayed in Los Angeles the whole time!)