Back when i was a teen growing up in Puerto Rico, i saw the trailer for this film at the local grindhouse. I never forgot it because it was one of those rare instances where i got to see nudity (Meg Foster on the beach) & reasonable gore on a coming attraction & it freaked me out! It made me feel like this film was going to go beyond the limit (almost an X, which i wasn't allowed into until i was of age). Of course, now i know the distributors had concocted a really juicy trailer for this - now mild - terror film. After all, this was the re-release by "Brut Productions" that re-titled the movie as "Tender Flesh" with a poster that made it look like it could've been paired with "Snuff" (LoL!). Even the credits on the trailer were in spanish ("Festin Sangriento!" translates into "Bloody Feast") which made everything seem even more lurid. When it opened the following week, i turned chicken & didn't dare go see it (which i lived to regret!). The combination of the poster & the black & white lobby cards with the horrid photos scared the krap out of me.
Sweet memories...