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can someone describe the ending for me?

I recently got on an ocd kick trying to track down the source of a childhood memory I have of seeing a man shot and killed by a hovering helicopter one night when I got to stay up past my bedtime watching tv. I've now heard of a couple possibilities, but still not sure yet.

Does the ending take place at night? Is there slow motion involved? Thanks in advance if you can lay out the ending for me!

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SPOILERS obviously

The climax scene takes place in the morning at a cemetery, where a funeral party is arriving for a burial. (They seem to be Latino and speaking Spanish -- less likely Italian -- with many of those in the funeral procession walking behind the hearse.) Benson ends up in the open grave, on the run from police, who have him surrounded. The police pull the shocked funeral party members back from the grave. Dr. Ross, herself distraught, begs the police to let her try to reason with and persuade Benson to surrender, but the police tell her to get down (so she won't be shot). A police helicopter flies in and hovers over the grave. A sharpshooter in the helicopter shoots and kills Benson, who is still in the grave.

The next scene is of Dr. Ellis surrounded by reporters at what seems to be an improptu news conference outside the hospital. He tries to justify the neurosurgical experiment, in the process criticizing other forms of management of psychiatric disease.