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This is how the medical industry is...

The clothes have changed, the technology has changed, but this is still how the medical industry is.

From the start where the elderly doctor charges that procedures are done to make "difficult" patients easier to manage by doping them up, to the orderlies and doctors constantly laughing and making jokes about patients on the side.

Some day society needs to stop lionizing the medical profession and treat it like the business it is.


I quit lionizing them decades ago, but they still rip me off every time I have to visit them. I guess we're just screwed.


yeah i watched my mom die from cancer when i was a kiddo and saw them act like a bunch of vultures, lying and cheating her every chance they could to extort as much money as possible. i will take the bullet before i take this mcfranklenvax. better to die on your feet than live on your knees