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Looking for a quote from this film...

I remember it was from Belmondo's character, Stavisky. I remember very little but if I were to paraphrase it, it would be along the lines of this:

"You want a happy life? Be average. If you're below average, you won't have money. If you're extraordinary, you'll have enemies."

Anybody can help me with this one?


He quotes something his father said to him while he's talking to the German actress at the theatre.

"Be average, Sacha."Being first makes enemies. Being last looks bad. Be average so they forget you".
He then turns to her and says "I'd like you to be happy". He looks at his watch and says "Thirty seconds to reach the street". "Only a short time to offer you happiness. Not pleasure. Pleasure takes a lifetime, happiness takes a single moment. Sunlight on water...At best, a long series of moments. Pleasure requires reflection. You need time, leisure, inventiveness. Pleasure is for the rich".