Great GAY Movie

I saw this during my "formative years." I think it's what made me GAY: poor smooth-bodied, scantily-clad Sam Bottoms (now don't you think his last name is a double-entendre of sorts???) being voyeuristically pursued by Sheriff Andy Taylor in search of "meat"...

Honestly, all budding-young-gay-boiz will LOVE this movie. So by all means, exhibit it in your high school humanities classes.

(Ya think maybe Sheriff Andy was hunting Sam as a trophy to present to his own moppet-headead son OPIE??? Hmm....)

"Don't call me 'honey', mac."
"Don't call me 'mac'... HONEY!"


I was thinking the same thing nycruise-1. I have to admit, watching Sam in a pair of denim shorts (and nothing else!) piqued my budding teenage homoerotic fantasies. Mayberry will never be the same.

RIP Sam--you were a beautiful man.

"I think you're the cause of all this--I think you're evil, EVIL!!


Get your heads out of your pants and watch the actual movie.

This is not a gay movie and Sam Bottoms name was his actual name not a dirty joke.

If you see gay subtext here it is your hallucination, or mere trolling.

This was one the best "made for TV" movies I have ever seen.

By 1972 the Mayberry-type rural setting shows were no longer saleable. Andy Griffith set out vigorously to annihilate the Mayberry sterotype shortly after in some truly despicable villains in 1974 in the TV movies Savages and Pray for the Wildcats something that he had not done since A Face in the Crowd. I would also recommend you find the DVD of the 1976 TV production of Six Characters in Search of an Author where Griffith plays the role of The Father.


Good Times, Noodle Salad