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More explicit version?

The first time I saw this was on German TV under the title ‘Animal Woman’, and it had some very explicit (near hardcore) scenes in it, which were no where to be seen in an English language bootleg version that I’ve just viewed (derived I think from the UK video release.)

The more explicit footage in question was a sex scene supposedly between the Candice Rialson and Joan Blackman characters, plus some addition ‘bedroom’ footage between the Candice character and the burglar. Before anyone gets too excited these scenes were obviously performed by body doubles, since we never see the peoples faces. I just wonder if this footage was merely spliced in by the German distributor or shot by the original filmmakers, the clothes/lighting/surroundings do match up the rest of the film so it could be the latter. Anyone else seen this version?, wonder if these scenes will turn up in the upcoming DVD release.


Never heard of this version but it does sound like inserts of other people. I'd be curious to see it anyways. There is a DVD release forthcoming in the US, hopefully sometime in 2008.