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Where to get a copy of Paul and Michelle as of June 2015

If you want a copy of Paul and Michelle, you can buy a VHS tape for a steep price of about $31.00 from It is copy protected so any attempt to transfer the tape to DVD will fail. However, there is a Florida based company called MTH Express ( ) which sells quite a good DVD copy of the VHS version for about $12.00 inclusive of shipping. Compared to the VHS version the contrast is up a little so the flesh tones are a bit richer but it is pretty much up to par with the VHS quality which existed in the 1970's (standard definition and 4:3 aspect ratio... not wide screen 16:9 HD as some phony sites advertise. has also a DVD of Paul and Michelle which is similar to the one mentioned above. It is Standard Definition and 4:3 like the above. The contrast is very high to bring out rich colors which the VHS tape never had. Michelle's black hair get lost in the dark background in some scenes but the DVD is still very watchable and priced at $9.99.

Ideally, paramount should put out Paul and Michelle copied to DVD from the master used in theaters to make a 1080P High Definition copy 16:9. But at this late date, it is doubtful they will even try to transfer Paul and Michelle to such a high resolution. I wrote Sean Bury (Paul) in Paul and Michelle and he said he will try to write Paramount Japan where the two motion pictures, Friends and Paul and Michelle were very popular. But even Sean Bury expressed doubts that his influence could do any good.

However, iTunes, Apple TV and have HD 1080P versions of the first motion picture Friends to buy or rent for streaming now in 2015. A set of DVD's professionally made may be a pipe dream. Keep Googling on Friends movie 1971 and Paul and Michelle movie 1974 and maybe they will eventually release the ultimate set of the two motion pictures.


A streaming version of Friends 1971 HD and 1080P may now be found on iTunes, CinemaNow (no subtitles for the CinemaNow version... big deal, so little French was spoken) and However, as far as Paul and Michelle 1974 goes, there is some stirring going on about a wide screen HD version of that movie too but nothing is certain. What is certain is that they are selling a VHS version of Paul and Michelle on Amazon as terra mentioned as well as DVD's made from VHS Standard Definition transfers. These DVD's are okay and sold at reasonable prices by and as mentioned again by terra in the post above.

BEWARE!!! There is a streaming/download movie company which advertises under about 7 different names when you google up Paul and Michelle 1974. They say that there is a wide screen HD 1080P version you can watch or download if you join their club. Don't!!! It is a bait and switch tactic. You join their club but no Paul and Michelle exists...not in HD, not in SD either. Its a hoax. Still worse is a free "vhsrip" of Paul and Michelle which takes hours to download and quality is so poor. Then there is uTorrent which is downloaded when you respond to a download of Paul and Michelle. It gives you a virus.

So, maybe pretty soon a wide screen HD 1080P version of Paul and Michelle might show up but it will be from Paramount. I personally bought Friends 1971 from iTunes. It is strange but when I used the iTunes search, I couldn't find Friends. But when I googled "Friends movie iTunes", the link was available. I called Apple and they said that the movie was so old that it doesn't come up in a regular search of movies of iTune. One has to do a search on the director, Lewis Gilbert or Sean Bury to find Friends in iTunes.