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'Meloncholy' The Untold Story - September 2021 ...

'Meloncholy' ©by Paul Doby
Barnes & Noble 2021

Barnes & Noble are honoured to announce the forthcoming 'Meloncholy'©by Paul Doby, telling the untold story of a melon shoot.

Here's an extract ...

'The melons really don't get enough credit for this movie. If you read director Richard Fleischer's field notes you will find it was quite a difficult shoot, with many melons working for little or no pay, melons were ripe for persecution.

This of course led to the civil rights movement 'Melon is no Felon' in 1977, but was subsequently quashed by the Supreme Court a year later.

Ever since then, melons have been shunned by most studios, 'hand picked' out of the business, a silent harvest if you will, hence no melon movies.

There was of course a seed of hope when it was rumoured a great melon would play the role of 'The Terminator' in 1984, but this later went to a vegetable.

Looking back at Mr Majestyk today, it's hard not to hear the silent screams of so many melons, & gives the film a whole new perspective, where the lives and careers of so many were silenced in what they hoped would be their field of dreams.'

You can read more about this extraordinary story in the upcoming book 'Meloncholy'© by Paul Doby
Published by Barnes & Noble September 2021.*