I need this movie!

I don't care if it is vhs or dvd or whatever. My grandfather was William Speerstra who played Ace. My grandfather has passed away and I have searched high and low for a copy of this movie. If you know of any way that I can get my hands on it, please let me know. This movie has severe personal feelings attached to it and memories of my childhood. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any information.



Not sure if this link helps but I just happened to run across this Italian(?) website. It has crystal clear stills from the movie so there may be a European DVD out there...may want to try to get in touch with someone at the website.

I actually remember seeing this as a kid on TV....

Good luck!


Look on iOffer, a website like ebay. There is a seller named "alucarda" who has this title on dvd-r for sale, along with many other tv movies. I'm getting a copy myself.