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Actor Frantisek Peterka dies at 94

Peterka known actor died of comedies and fairy Giant

Updated: November 25, 2016 14:00 Released: November 25, 2016, 13:25

In 94 years, died actor František Peterka. Peterka starred in Giant tales and comedies, eg in Jáchyme Pictured from March 21, 2007 Peterka tells stories of life in the seat of the district office in Liberec, where at the occasion of his 85th birthday, he met with the Governor of the Liberec Region Petr Skokan and journalists. ČTK / Radek Petrášek
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Liberec - At the age of 94 years died in a hospice Liberec actor František Peterka, probably on Tuesday night. Prima TV confirmed the information ČTK source of the actor's surroundings. Peterka became unforgettable for several generations of viewers as the Krakonoš Krkonošské bedtime tales or roles in a series of comedy - for instance in judo coach Joachim, throw it in the machine !, where he applied his athletic talent.
Liberec theater had hoisted a black flag at the scene created about 250 roles. "I learned a while ago, we immediately gave instructions," said theater director ČTK Jarmila Levko. Death of actor Prima TV confirmed Liberec actor and Peterka colleague from the theater Ladislav Dusek.

Peterka wanted to succeed as a weightlifter, but eventually it led to the fate of the theater. Rounding out the beginnings snubbed Slovácké theater in Uherske Hradiste, whence he Liberec of the Theatre, where he has created around 250 roles. Since the late 40s he began appearing in films. Until 1992, when it last appeared in the film Karla Kachyně Cow, he played dozens of film roles.

Whether Peterka was in the lead or supporting role, always managed to attract attention with its assertive, physical fitness and deep voice, which predestined him for the role of "tough". Such, for example, played in the film Joachim, throw it in the machine !, comedy "Four Murders Are Enough, Darling," but also in a fabulous series Arabela where he was hiding under the guise of Fantomas. His talent for comedy then need to take full advantage of it in the motion picture tomorrow, darling! ....

Although Peterka won generations of children Krakonoše roles, filming Giant tales not remember exactly happy because he had not had much sleep. "Of the tests in the theater I went to Prague Barrandov, where we were shooting in the morning, and then I went back again in Liberec," he said in the past his former life. In a week when barely slept a few hours and still had a Krakonoš smoking a pipe, although it was a non-smoker.

In 2001 when he was 79 years old Peterka, he noted the vital man serious injury. At the usual walk around the Liberec dam it distracted the driver of the car slammed on the guardrail so badly that he broke one leg and the other partially crushed. The actor underwent surgery four decades, has lost 50 kilograms of weight and had to walk on crutches. "The first year I begged the Lord God, to marry me. The next year I went back again," he said Peterka few years ago ČTK.

Yet again he managed to stand on his feet. She forced him to do another tragic event in his life. "My mother died in 98 years because she slipped on the stairs, when they brought out the ashes," he said in 2012. Her mother, according to him had suffered a concussion and had to go to bed, and that was lying, he did not gain energy and in a short time, then died. This experience was probably the main reason why, after a severe injury tried as soon as possible to begin to walk again.

Other operations suffered in recent years because of heart attack and a broken neck. The last months of his life spent in Liberec hospice.