Extreme violence

I do remember watching this film on TV and enjoying it ... mostly.

However some of the murders were just too sadistic and over-the-top for me. Especially the shower murder, which was prolonged far beyond the time needed. It seemed that the director was inviting us to enjoy seeing people being brutalised.

Anyone else feel the same ?

P.S. Harry Andrews played an only-slightly-exaggerated version of himself, I feel !


Do you have any personal knowledge to back up your insinuations about Harry Andrews? If not, then this is a dreadful slur and you ought to withdraw it.


His role was that of a woman-hating murderer. He was an accomplished actor, ACTING.

By way of balance, his bio on this site includes "(Alan) Bates further remarked that Andrews' great sense of humor and no-nonsense personable character made him a favorite with younger actors as a continuous well of encouragement and learning experiences."


Calm down, dear !

Harry Andrews was indeed gay. That is not any kind of secret.



There is a difference between being gay and being a woman-hating murderer (which is the most notable feature of the character).


I saw this on a triple feature in Sardinia with "Love Comes to Andy Hardy" and "The Nude Sardine". It was fun at the time.

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