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Las Vegas All Girl Band in 1974 -- Rocks It Out

The girl band from the movie was indeed a highlight. Singer looks like Suzie Quatro meets Joan Jett.

Anyone have any info?

Surely one of these gal musicians check out IMDb once in awhile, estimating their ages now between 65 and 70. Or at least their kids or grandkids might provide a clue. Great cover redone better than the original Doobie Bros.

Hooker & Harry scene -- great, gliding dialogue.

Tonto dying ... some posters ask how. Well one earlier scene shows the cat playing w/ some green pills on a hotel bed?

Great movie ... Rest in Peace Art.


Yes, lead singer did look like Suzi Quatro but it wasn't.

They were really, really, good!

I agree, I like their version better than the Doobie Brother's original.


I wondered about Tonto and those green pills and thought something bad might happen to him, but I think his death came too long after he played with the pills for them to be a likely cause. (I admit that I sometimes had a hard time following the timeline.)


Thanks for bringing this up. I always remembered that band playing that song ("Long Train Running"). Love the song and also love that particular moment in the film. It's just one of those scenes that stuck with me. Then once when I was in Las Vegas I heard a band in a casino playing that same song. Talk about deja vous.

"Push the button, Max!"