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Is this the stop-motion one?

I remember as a kid that a film called The Happy Prince was on, and my mother recorded it for me on VHS. But, we no longer use those players, and I havent seen it in years but am desperate to.
No-one I know has heard of it, but I remember it being in stop motion, I think, and it had songs. I've seen bits of a cartoon version on youtube, but that's not the one I mean.

I'd just love to hear the songs again.

"Swallow, swallow, little swallow. Can you do one thing for me? Fly up there, so you can see... something... something..."

"Don't you understand, I must fly?! If I stay here, then I will die."

... But those are the lyrics circling round and round my head.

Heaven for climate; Hell for company.


I've been looking for that one as well.

I remember it being stop motion as well with songs. The song I remember the most is "Pull the statue down my friends, pull it down to earth." Or something like that. I can't find it anywhere though.

I emailed Channel 4 and all they could tell me was Nigel Hawthorne was a voice.

But I'm glad someone remembers it besides me :)


Well, here's one stop-motion version, though I doubt it's the one you remember with such fondness: