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Would like to find a copy

would like to find a copy Thanks [email protected]


I have this movie on DVD.


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Hi, you can buy it on DVD from Ebay - it's on the "Blax" DVD label. It's semi-official (meaning the copyright ownership of Blax is questionable), with pro cover, pro label, UPC - just like store bought - but you can't find it anywhere but ebay.


can you post a link?, as i couldnt find a copy of it on ebay when i searched.


Hmmm...just checked ebay and now there's no copies on there. Amazon doesn't list it (although they have other 'Blax' label DVD's).

If you go to:

hkflix dot com

they list it, but are temporarily out of stock.

May be out of print now - keep checking ebay for new listings.

Hopefully it's not too hard to find.


Hey it's on Ebay right now! DVD for $8.99 U.S.