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when will this be released on dvd?

this movie can be purchased on vhs. how passe. who agrees this film should be released on DVD? WE NEED THIS FILM ON DVD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope so, too. I want to see it in cinemascope!

"The Beamer Xperience: 9 feet wide home cinema bliss."


This appears to be the only Goldie Hawn movie not available on DVD. All her others are.



This movie has just been released in Australia in non-anamorphic 2.35 : 1 Wide Screen by a budget company called Payless. $4 in some stores here. Picture and sound look good. PAL, Region 4. Try or Cheers, Mike


Dear 'Mike-957': Hello. >>> I noted "THE GIRL FROM PETROVKA" has been released on DVD in Oz as PAL, Region 4. Interesting.

I reckon I ought to clear something up: I can only play PAL-format VHS tapes! I bought one of those industrial VCR's a few years back that will even play SECAMs.

>>> I do have a tidy number of Australian PALs.

A groovy, long-gone Aussie label: VIDEOSCOPE (!)

ROADSHOW VIDEOs are fun, too. The 'VIDEO CLASSICS' label deserves a mention 'cuz they put out 'SPERMULA' with Dayle Haddon. :)

Thanks for the update on 'THE GIRL FROM PETROVKA'. Universal Pictures owns the right to it over here in the U.S. (or at least they did!).

Regards, CARTER GORMAN, InvasionofPALs


It's been released on region 2 DVD. It's a Swedish copy but the film itself is still in English.




Aww, that really bites!! What an underrated flick! I'm watching it on least it's available that way.


Universal just released it on DVD here in the US. You can find it on Anazon.

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