Summary: Moral Film

This film had a deep meaning. 2people from different social backgrounds become friends and the moral of he story is that men can change when an alternative path is given to them. It is really touching seeing the change in Shatrugan Sinha cast as a small-time crook Gopi who finally in his persistence for truth does not follow hs gang leader who forces him to carry out a robbery and lose his arm after he gang tortures him.When he explains earlier that circumstances made him a small thief after he lost his job show light on the socio-economic reality of that era.(Worked in a locker factory)Above all it touches your soul when the Industrialist Rehmaan(Mr.Gupta in the film) surrenders himself to the police .Rehaman who earlier put the blame on Shatrugan Sinha for the killing of hundreds of children due to poison in the milk his company manufactured(Even after he was told about the defect he authorised his milk for sale.To save himself he passed he blame on Shatrugan Sinha for poisoning the milk) whom he employs as a watchman confessed his crime and stated that when a moral just youth comes on he sceneeven the might of all wealth and power cannot defeat him .The film reflected on the right values and reflect he poverty and unemployment of of the era and why people turned to social crime. The song 'Gadi Bula Rahi Hai' has a deep meaning comparing life with he journey of a train.The number 'Kaise Jeete Hai bhala' beautifully shows how a man can change from evil to good.Shatrugan Sinha enacts his role magnificiently and Dharmendra also does full justice to his character.

Harsh Thakor