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Let's Scare Jessica to Death

Anyone else reminded of this film? I just watched Messiah of Evil today, and it reminded me of LSJTD quite a bit. The vampire/zombie plot, as well as the dreamy kind of atmosphere; this film has a California vibe while the former is set in New England, but I do wonder if it was an inspiration maybe. They have similar feels in some respect, and are both fantastically weird and eerie.


Totally agree with you. The ending was very similar. And like it has been said in another thread, it also reminded me of "The Wicker Man" and "Halloween III".

And about the dreamish atmosphere if you're into that kind of movies, try "Suspiria" from Dario Argentine. Most of his movies have that kind of dreamish and unpleasant atmosphere but Suspiria is his best work.

If someone have any suggestion for movies like these i'd like to hear it.