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question about the pre-credit sequence...

Opening sequence has some unnamed guy running down a street and into the backyard pool area where a young woman emerges from a house and slits his throat.

There's no clue who these characters are, or why this guy is running for his life or why he's murdered. From what I've read about the history of this film--that the production wasn't completed for lack of funds, and that some other company bought the rights and finished the film (including the addition of that god-awful "Hold On To Love" song--I'm wondering why this scene is there and whether it was ever intended to open the film like it does.

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Look closely when the gas station attendant peeks into the albino guy's truck bed. The guy killed in the opening sequence is one of the bodies in the truck. The other body looks like Hyde from That 70s Show. By the way, the guy getting his throat slit is Walter Hill, legendary director and producer.