DVD September 11 2007!!

Just announced as part of Fox's Halloween slate of titles to be released on September 11.


It's an MGM MIDNITE MOVIE double bill dvds, paired with Lippert's EARTH DIES SCREAMING (ugh). The old FLY TRILOGY is finally getting a complete release but is listed as having 4 dvds. I wish CHOSEN SURVIVORS was the 4th disc in that set rather than getting stuck with Lippert. Kids need to learn the facts of life - the bats and the flies.

MGM (as distributed by Fox) has finally announced a batch of Midnite Movies double features for release on September 11.
These include double feature sets of TALES FROM THE CRYPT (1972)/VAULT OF HORROR (1973), CHOSEN SURVIVORS/THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING (directed by Terence Fisher), DEVILS OF DARKNESS/WITCHCRAFT (1964, starring Lon Chaney Jr.), BLUEPRINT FOR MURDER/MAN IN THE ATTIC, GORILLA AT LARGE/MYSTERY AT MONSTER ISLAND, THE HOUSE ON SKULL MOUNTAIN/THE MEPHISTO WALTZ, and THE FLY CLASSIC COLLECTION (SRP $39.99) which will feature re-releases of the original THE FLY and RETURN OF THE FLY, as well as the home video premiere of CURSE OF THE FLY.

Also: RETURN OF DRACULA/THE VAMPIRE (John Beal) (new hi-def transfers), THE BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES/PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES (new hi-def transfer for PHANTOM), PHARAOH'S CURSE/CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN, THE BEAST WITHIN/THE BAT PEOPLE, KONGA/YONGARY, MONSTER FROM THE DEEP. One the same date, MGM will release Roger Corman and Vincent Price box sets of previously released titles. As mentioned earlier, MGM will also release single Midnite Movies of WITCHFINDER GENERAL and FOOD OF THE GODS.