Thank you, Jackie!

Wow. That group of hippies chanting Thank You Jackie! was both funny and marvelously obnoxious.

It doesn't have as much Aldo Ray as I'd hoped, and I wish there was more Janus Blythe, but I'm pretty happy with this disc. Prine is mesmerizing (love the sight of him in black in the white room), and the music is great. I think the middle third was a bit slow, but overall this is good stuff.

This one line I love- the morning after a girl was raped, a hotel manager says "I'll go get her some coffee, she sure looks like she needs it!" as if that will be great comfort to her.


I also thought it was weird that after Tiffany Bolling was raped (by two guys!), it seemed to barely phase her. A quick shower like nothing happened and then hitching a ride with a stranger. To her credit, I was cheering her on once she caught wind of the situation.

However, this is 1970s exploitation at it's best, highly recommended if you like the cast and/or drive-in classics.