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Quite possibly my favorite Hammer movie...

Just watched this again last week and this movie gets better with every viewing, and just to mention as so many others have Caroline Munro is just beautiful, she has such lovely dark features. Great production values all around, wonderfully directed, the movie is cast just right Horst Janos gives a good performance as Kronos with just a slight sense of humour. It adds it's own take on the vampire legend were it's not ridiculous and hell it's just a fun movie to watch. It's such a shame that they never made a follow up to this as it's becoming one of my favorite obscure movies. Who else thinks this is one of Hammers best.


Just watched this last night for the first time in about 30 years! I watched them all when I was younger and this one I've always remembered as one of the best. Unlike the others you can't get a cheap copy on DVD (and it's never on telly) so eventually I stumped up the £13.98 to buy it. After all this time I assumed I would be disappointed and that it wouldn't be as good as I remembered.

But it was even better! It's just way better than any of Hammer's other vampire movies and the only other Hammer movie that can give it a run for its money is "Quatermass and the Pit". Apart from it being enourmous fun its just generally a better quality movie. There is genuine mystery in the plot (great "reveal" ending), good pacing and an exciting climax (so often rushed in other Hammers). There are all sorts of little bits in the production that make it unusual for its time and I can't quite fathom why it isn't one of Hammer's most well known movies. Why isn't it easily available on DVD? Is it the lack of Cushion and Lee?

Great campy dialogue including this nonsensical gem:

"Did you win or lose your battles?"

"A little of both. But not enough of either."

And nobody looks confused! Brilliant!


This was my least favorite in the Hammer Vampire series. I didnt like how the vampire rules were rewritten for the film. I think the old school Hammer Vampire rules would have been just as dramatic, if the rules were rewritten for the different types of vampires, (spoilers) why didnt Kronos keep the God Sword at the end? Or how did he survive the vampire bites? Was the town still after him in the end?

To many unanswered obvious questions. To be honest I liked Dracula 1972 AD more than this.


Well not all vampires have "rules" you know, have you studied vampire mythology?

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"But not enough of either."

I interpreted that to mean that he was still ready for a fight.


The atmosphere and locales are spot on. One of the best from the Hammer studios.

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I don't know that I'd say it's my absolute favorite, but it is certainly high up on the list. It was very suspenseful, well acted, the scenery was beautiful, and overall it was a very entertaining film. I recommend it to all fans of vampire films.

I've been waiting for you, Ben.


It's certainly, without doubt, my favourite Hammer film! Frilly ruffed vampires and a sense of humour. What more could one ask?


I think this is right up there in the top 5 Hammer Horror films and I consider this film to be totally underrated here on IMDb and as usual a fine film without explosions and transformers gets put to the side.

Just purchased this Blu-ray released by Shock Entertainment Australia and watched it over & over and feel that this film really was a very well crafted Hammer gem that flowed effortlessly with a consistent script, likeable characters and a few twists & turns thrown in to keep you guessing. This film definitely does not have a B-movie feel to it as it's actors are far too talented and a budget above board kept this film out of the cheeze category as well as effectively redefining the vampire genre successfully making this film edgy by breathing new life into a storyline that had been well worked over for well over 40 years with countless remakes, sequels & revisions. This film was a refreshing take on a story retold to oblivion making this a completely unique film.

If you are looking for a vampire film with fancy CGI and constant action than this film should be avoided but if superior sets, storyline & superb acting are your forte then definitely check out "Captain Kronos" it is a refined vampire film retold with a twist!


After just watching it for the first time, I turned to my buddy and said "That may just be my favorite Hammer movie." Now, I haven't seen them all, and I've thoroughly enjoyed most that I've seen, but this one really is firing on all cylinders. GREAT movie.

A lot of strange things happen in this world. Things you don't know about in Grand Rapids.


"What he doesn't know about vampirism couldn't fill a flea's codpiece!" What a film! Ha ha ha!