Callan is king

The Callan movie was and remains my strongest memory of the character as I never saw the original series apart from a repeat of the pilot). Rewatching the movie on DVD last night I thought it deserves a much better release. Apart from Edward Woodward's 2000 interview the movie has no other extras, suffers from print damage and artefacts and incredibly has no chapter stops! It really deserves to be restored and issued as a special edition. I remember Edward Woodward appearing on the Morecambe & Wise show in character - getting tough with Eric. This would make a good extra on a future DVD release - if it still exists.

The movie's theme tune seems to upset TV fans but I actually enjoy it - many big screen versions of TV shows had totally different theme tunes (Rising Damp, Dr Who, Porrige) and I think the Callan movie theme is pretty good.
The actors are all very good - especially Eric Porter as Hunter, Russell Hunter as Lonely - and I really enjoy Peter Egan as the smirking Meres - with his pretty blue glasses.

The script is crackling with many quotable, memorable lines of dialogue -

Hunter's put-down of Meres "Because he's better than you" - and his quick glance to see Meres hurt expression.

Michael Da Costa's oily Greek menacing Lonely "your body for instance"

and Hunter's salute to a hippy in the library "Peace, brother".

Keep an eye out the next time you watch the movie - when Callan is evading the two surveillanvce agents in the alley and accosts an old lady watch out for the member of the public with a hat and moustache who has to be stopped from wandering into shot.

Callan is the only TV/movie hero I can think of who can make a brown suit look good - suede shoes included.

Does anyone know of a Callan appreciation society?


You are right about the dialoge.
"I hit him...and he died of it."
Great movie with a great cast.


Glad to find other fans of this movie! In 1974/75 I worked in a cinema tearing tickets etc and got to see every film several times. "Callan" was the first film I ever "worked" and although I've only seen it once since then I can remember virtually all of it. I loved particularly the way he gave Katherine Schell the wad of cash just after he's killed her boyfriend! Some great 70s locations. Is the TV series available on DVD?


Good supporting cast always adds depth, Dr Snell excellent, very chilly just like Kessler in Secret army, the greek and arthur fit for the part and Lonely the best.


I showed this flick on the big screen to night.When Clifford Rose appeared everyone hissed,"Kessler"! :-)


This was my introduction to Callan. I caught it one afternoon on the USA Cable network. At first, I thought it was part of the Harry Palmer series, as it seemed very similar, though obviously not Michael Caine. I recognized Edward Woodward from Breaker Morant (I don't think the Equalizer was on yet, though I could be wrong) and sat back to watch. At first I thought it was a bit slow, but Woodward just sucked me in with his perfromance. I recently acquired a copy and watched it again, after seeing the third season of Callan on US dvd. It is really excellent, though Porter isn't quite up to the level of William Squire.