Prequel or sequel ?

I am not sure where the movie fits in. I always assumed that it was a sequel to the TV show, but now I realise that the original TV play is supposed to occur before the regular TV series, and since the movie is a reworking of that first episode it would seem that this is actually a prequel.

Other things seem to hint at this, such as Lonely being unaware that Callan is a spy rather than a professional criminal (remember that Lonely was more involved in the spying in series 4 and knew it) and although I don't recall the scene, the movie supposedly has Callan meeting Dr Snell for the first time even though they met several times during the series. But if it is a prequel, how did Meres get himself out of trouble with the police at Schneider's house, and why would Callan go back to the section when he knows that Hunter tried to frame him for the Schneider kill ?

Any thoughts ?


It's really as much a stand alone as a prequel. Even the original Armchair Theater "A Magnum for Schneider" plays the same way. You are left to believe that Callan is now a target. However, you could imagine some reprieve that leads into the regular series (which is essentially what happens in the first episode of the series).

Fortunately, Ah keep mah feathers numbered for just such an emergency!