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reminds me of Harry Palmer

I saw this movie on YouTube yesterday. I'm a huge fan of the show "the Equalizer"
and i kept hear from others that if you love Equalizer you might also like "Callan" (as a matter of fact it was recommended to me by IMDB) so i watched the movie and i really liked it. it reminded me of the Harry Palmer films that stared Michael Caine. but this seemed a little darker than those films that had a little more humor.

Loved Edward Woodward. he's one of my favorites. and he really owned this movie.

I haven't seen any of the TV episodes from the show but i don't know if i should because if each episode like this it would might get really frustrating for me.

but i do like the movie and i would watch it again. great story and handled very smartly. just like the H.P. movies. I recommend this highly.

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