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weird Finnish(/European?) cover

Check this

Now that's the cover for The Black Godfather in Finland and what I'd like to know is: what the hell has that picture to do with this movie?

A white bank robber? (judging by the money sack)
A helicopter? With some armed white woman?
Guy in hat, coat and sunglasses? (note that he has silencer; was there any in this movie?)

Yet, Street War is the title here for The Black Godfather and if you read the names you'll see they match.

So can anyone explain where the heck did they come up with this cover?


There's also a topless woman with her arms modestly folded across her chest -- who looks suspiciously like Vanessa Redgrave in Blow-Up.

Obviously the art is a copy-and-paste job by someone who never saw the film and knew nothing about it. But who noticed or cared? I mean, how many copies of this movie did they sell in Finland anyway?

All the universe or nothingness. Which shall it be, Passworthy? Which shall it be?


THe original cover is weird as well: a black guy with a moustache with three foxy ladies around him, with the tagline: "There's A New Godfather In Town... ...and everybody want his body - The F.B.I. ... some very foxy chicks... and the Mafia!"

I do not know who the moustached guy is supposed to be (Nate?), I only saw one foxy chick who wanted JJ, and if the FBI was in the pic, it did a great undercover operation, since I did not notice any FBI-people in it.