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Did A.D. get 'Police Woman' because of this?

I watched this on "TCM Underground" and wondered why in the hell Angie Dickinson would take a part in such an awful low-budget movie. (William Shatner didn't surprise me--as the Star Trek revival hadn't yet begun.) But maybe she wanted to change her image, and as a result got the role of a tough sexy cop after a B-list film career.

That's the only reason I could come up with as I watched it wondering "what was she thinking"? A year later, Yvette Mimieux showed some in Jackson County Jail, and this was around the time Joan Collins doffed her duds in The Stud as well.

Guess it was the thing to do at the time for gals who wanted to be more than just pretty faces--they also wanted to be nice racks.


No, she got it after starring in the last ep of Police Story.

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