You shouldn't even be ALLOWED to vote on this movie, if you weren't alive in 1974.

(FIVE! out of 10 - that's MESSED up!)


The big problem is...

We have a bunch of monsters being brought up in the world today who are not being taught right from wrong, and are able to insult everyone without consequences because they don't have to look the people they are insulting in the eye. The "Freedom Of Speech" thing has gone to far too... I am constantly seeing more and more of this nonsense everywhere I go, and it is getting worse. Even internet newspapers are starting to use cuss words in their headlines! There are plenty of words that can be used from the dictionary that can be used and people will say words like SH!T in everyday conversation instead of POOP! They even think it is OK to say those words by replacing 'I' with '!'. Then you have all that stupid Chatroom Speak...

I dread having one of these twits in the White House twenty years from now, and to make matters worse, if the majority of these people don't start washing their mouth out, and putting some love in their heart... IT WILL HAPPEN.

Benji was a film I grew up with. I love that film. I STILL get teary eyed everytime I see it...

And you are right, if the internet generation, was not allowed to vote for these older movies, the rating would be higher.