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This was boring-it had too much of a "television writing" style....

no wonder it lasted 14 episodes


The show was a big hit in Britain. Here, they gave it the Friday night death slot - that's what killed it.


You're being way too hard on this show.

If you look at what it was up against -–75_United_States_network_television_schedule - it really wasn't a bad show.

I was actually too young for this show first-run, but on a Friday, my family would have been watching 'Sanford & Son' & 'Chico and the Man' instead. That being said, I'm watching 'POTA' on MeTV now, and it's stories were as good as 'Kung Fu', or just about anything else at the time.

It really wasn't bad for the sci-fi of the era, and I know they had to skimp on the masks, but they really aren't that bad. Don't really know what you mean by "too much of a 'television writing' style?" It was on tv in the 70's. What did you want? What at the time was better?


From what I read, POTA was a huge hit with the kids. Since children don't buy things, sponsors pulled the plug on the show.

Spenser with an "S", like the poet.


I enjoyed it THEN. I really really did!
Now-- my God-- this show is like a sleeping pill .... BORING beyond words. Poorly written on cheap sets that looked like you could see The Waltons house in the background. I cannot believe the 7.2 ratings on this one!

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