blond guy

There is this blond (at that time seemingly young) actor who seemed to bein about every episode as victim/killer/family etc. Does anyone know his name?


Hallo there, this must be Pierre Frankh (not sure about the exact writing, try some variants). A very talented actor from Munich, former child actor, woho played almost all in german crime flic and tv drama, also making a lot of movies. Unfortuenately he never got a real break.
Greez Mirko

"Pierre Franckh"

Thanks man, that's him! Well he did play in Medicopter, Tatort and Der Alte, and all of those are pretty well known series.
But still, I find it weird that he played in Derrick that often lol!

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Pierre was must have been in 20 episodes or more (imdb does not have them all). He was also in the very last episode and he said in an interview he would have played the role without charge, just to be in it. That's real loyalty! He had a very fine role in the movie "Der Totmacher" starring Götz George as mass murderer Haarmann. Pierre was the writer (stenotypist) and he received good critics for his performance, although he had just a few lines.

There was another young actor, dieter schidor, who alternated with Franckh in the Derrick ensemble with crime youth roles (often mentally limited boys, often with the role name "bruno"). But Dieter died from AIDS many years ago. He was a very versatile actor, working also for Fassbinder, Herzog among others.

Greez from Hamburg