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pretty good thriller ***possible spoilers***

I thought I knew of every made-for-TV movie thriller out there but apparently this one slipped by me.

I found it to be a well-made early version of THE VANISHING (1993) and BREAKDOWN (1997) and I wonder if those directors of those films saw this movie. I don't wanna sound mean but David Hartman is nobody's idea of a leading man but pulls it off mainly because you can believe a big Lurch-like guy like him can physically back up his threats he makes to nearly everyone in the cast. He's on a mission to find his missing wife and heaven help anyone getting in his way. If he stopped and bought a few automatic rifles, this might predate the Ah-nold Schwartzenneger action movies. But he doesn't. He uses his wits and if necessary, his fists. If he had gone along with things without question, things would be a lot worse for everybody. This little film kept me glued to the screen and I thought about it a lot afterwards. It's a chilling, well-paced little thriller that should be a lot better known than it is. Excellent supporting cast and good sets and locations make this one worth seeking out. Catch it if you can.