just watched the something weird dvdr. what an show! this is absolutely a hidden jem. if you like 70s exploitation this is one of the classics. has one of the best chase scenes I have ever seen. the storyline is absurd. the acting is cheesy. karate chicks with machine guns. brain transplant zombies. sexy mad doctor. Sid Haig and Roberta Collins. it has it all. i gave it 8/10 loved it.

the dvd quality is ok, kind of like planet terror/death proof but not done intentionally. watched it on a 52" HD and it looked fine. sound was fine too. give the dvd 6/10 considering its not available anywhere. thanks to something weird video for getting this one out there.


Sid Haig?
I'll look 4 it.
I only remember Lynda Carter
& the guy with the teeth

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Agreed. This film is a total blast. That lengthy car chase is indeed amazing. Ross Hagen makes for a charismatic and engaging hero while Nancy Kwan portrays the villainess with deliciously wicked relish. Sid Haig and Vic Diaz shine in their roles. Plus there's a bevy of stunning drive-in beauties that includes Maria De Aragon, Shirley Washington, Claire Polan, Roberta Collens, and even Marilyn Joi in an uncredited small part.

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