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The complete songlist of the entire Wattstax show...?

Does anybody actually have a list of who actually played there?

The film is very deceptive in that it shows about 1/5th of the total music performed that day and sprinkles footage from concerts held in a church (!) and a nightclub(?) that had nothing to do with Wattstax except for they were part of the Stax Records "family".

I've got import CD versions that have some songs, and official LP and CD versions that have other songs, but does anybody have an actual list of who performed that day in chronological order?

I've got most of the music, but I'm not sure in what order it goes...!

THIS would be helpful to me!

Thanks in advance!


I've been looking for this too and have come up empty. All I've been able to find out is that there was about 10 or 11 hours of music performed and that there were some jazz combos that played that were apparently not recorded at all. A double or even triple LP album set would barely scratch the surface of all the music that was played that day. If anyway has the entire setlist for Wattstax, please post it! As you can see there are fans here eagerly awaiting that info. Many thanks!


I think this is the most comprehensive soundtrack:


...and if you notice I wrote a review ripping it apart for not including more music than it should have. Every person who has read it agrees with me - so many artists have also been ripped off by this incomplete disc set.

In review - their 3 disc set is a ripoff and I implore others NOT NOT NOT to buy it!

John J. Martinez, reviewer on Amazon