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The Actor chatting with Ted Lange + Raymond Allen

This guy was sitting at a table chatting with Ted Lange and Raymond Allen(Woody from Sanford & Son). He was talking about how hearing church makes you wanna jump up and get happy.

He also has a few speaking parts in the 1972 movie Hitman with Bernie Casey.

Does anyone know what his name is?

He doesnt seem to be credited in either movie.

Any info would be appreciated.


Ted Lange had/has some very SEXXXY EYES!!!

I wish they had done an interview with that PLAYER/HUSTLER that was staring that RED BONE SISTER/CHICK down during that CLUB SCENE when Johnny Taylor is singing "JODY GOT YOUR GIRL" he had seXXXy eyes like TD also & i wonder??? was he also a PIMP??? & that RED BONE was being eyeballed as a possible NEW RECRUIT for his STABLE OF HO'$??? LOLLLLLL!!!


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"What the "F" u gunna do eXXXcept hustle??? Besides Pimpin??? And u really ain't got the stomach for that"($uperFly)