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Podcast on Some Call It Loving

The Projection Booth: Episode 275: Some Call It Loving
Special Guest: James B. Harris
Guest Co-Host: Heather Drain, Aaron Peterson

When Robert Troy (Zalman King) buys a "sleeping beauty" (Tisa Farrow) at a carnival and introduces her to the playscape of fantasy roleplay in which he lives every day, things don't necessarily work out in Some Call it Loving, a beautiful and unusual film from 1973.

Writer/director James B. Harris discusses the genesis of the film as well as his work with Stanley Kubrick on The Killing, Paths of Glory, One-Eyed Jacks, and more. He also compares the volatility of Timothy Carey to Richard Pryor.

Heather Drain and The Hollywood Outsider's Aaron Peterson join Mike in discussing the film as well as other interpretations of the Sleeping Beauty tale.

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Thank you. Because honest to goodness...I didn't get it. This'll help.

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