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I saw this movie back in 1990

This was and is a very good film starring Jim brown as a prisoner who dreams of escape. One of his dreams has him by a pool and over a dozen women (black women, white women, japanese women, etc) all run up to him to please him.

The story is that jim brown is in jail for stealing some money
(a million dollars) and he is pressured by the cops and , I think, a young gene hackman to tell them where the money is. No one can make him talk, but they try to. So Jim brown is the reluctant, but complacent prisoner who dreams fo freedom.

Hackman comes up for a plan of escape but wants Brown along for the ride because they'll need money to "stay gone" once they get out. So hackman recruits Brown and some other dude whos crazy but good with alarms. The plan is to have the crazy guy cut the alarms, while brown and hackman use a ssecret escape route. But hackman is a manipulator and plans on killing Brown off and selling out the crazy guy who cut the alarms.

Brown learns of Hackmans trechary and somehome escapes without him. Teh crazy guy decides tos tay behind jsut so he can kill Hackman which he does, and Jim escapes to an island of beautiful girls.


I think you're confusing this film for another one. The only recognizable actors in this one, aside from Brown himself, are the actor who played Lurch in the Addams Family and the dude from F-Troop.