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Odd sense of morality in this one.... (Spoiler)

Hook and two men murder gang members undergoing a transaction and steal their cash. Hook then betrays his partners (who were apparently planning on betraying him anyway). I guess it's okay though because these were all bad men, right? [/sarcasm] After this, we get a scene involving Hook's mother so as to humanize him a bit and depict him as a man who did all that he could to get by before being forced into stealing. The actress' discussion of "the man" was hilariously awful, btw.

So yeah, Hook thinks nothing about killing and robbing as long as there's reason to suspect poor moral character on the part of the victims, but then he protests when a man is attacked in the prison and the guards do nothing to help. Additionally, he seems like a bit of a peacemaker when it comes to the racial conflicts going on in the prison. He attempts to convince Glover that he's being played for a fool, but Glover has none of it.

The movie can't seem to make up it's mind where he stands or on what issue. Whatever the case, whether the characters were likable or not, the film was still fun to watch.