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Far more entertaining than I thought it would be. (Spoilers)

It's kind of interesting too how the villains that are immediately apparent don't end up being the main villains of the film. Glover, the brutal leader of a white prison gang, is introduced as if he's to be the primary antagonist of the film. And he does get his share of villain moments. But, once the fight takes place mid-film, he's dealt with and suffers and "accident" in the infirmary. The mob boss who puts a hit out on Hook also seems as if he might be a major force, but he gets his as well. When the conflict between Glover and Macey is introduced, it appears as though Macey and his group are just defending themselves. Yet, it's Macey who takes out Glover and the mob boss and becomes the right hand of the corrupt captain.

Speaking of the police captain, he's introduced as a less than stellar individual but looks like a fairly minor figure upon introduction. He goes on to become the main antagonist however. On one hand, the surface villains are more entertaining to watch than the ones who would later be revealed as the true antagonists of the picture. On the other hand, it adds a layer of depth and keeps things from being overly predictable.

It's very likely that I'll watch this one again sometime.


I agree. I had it on the DVR from the Bounce channel and enjoyed it. Opening sequence was excellent. I almost passed it up when setting the recorder because I had never heard of it. Not bad at all. Well worth your time.