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Even more relevent today than when it was made?

Having watched this film for the first time ever last night, it struck me how contemporary the theme of this film is. Certainly in my home town, substitute Poles for Italians, half the fruit pickers in England are from eastern europe and of course we had that tragic episode with the chinese cockle pickers in Morcombe Bay a few years ago. Come to think of it, I am doing it myself, taking a higher wage abroad than is available at home.

With the possible exception of the film Green Card, I cannot think of another film at the moment that deals with this subject with humour - interested if anybody know of any other films similar to this

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I have not seen it but I believe the film "A Day Without A Mexican" is a comedy about all that would not get done in the US if all the Mexicans were gone. I don't know whether it deals with the plight of the laborers themselves, but thought I would mention this. Even though it looks like it is almost 3 years after your original post!


I was thinking about Mexican immigrants also, but teaching in a school that is about 90 % Mexican and meeting their families, I sense that they have a very strong sense of identity. They are not ambivalent about blending in. So many come here for work and truly want to return to Mexico as soon as they can afford to.

But, others who immigrate to the U.S. to stay and start a new life here often struggle with those feelings--wanting to fit in and yet feeling that you don't belong. I am speaking from my own experience, having moved to the U.S. as a very young child. It took MANY years to feel that I was good enough.


There is also a movie about Cesar Chavez. There is an excellent review here.

It may be paywalled.