Blu Ray!


Godmonster of Indian Flats is presented on Blu-ray courtesy of AGFA and Something Weird with an AVC encoded 1080p transfer in 1.33:1. As stated above, AGFA's press materials tout this as a "new 4K scan from the only surviving 35mm theatrical print" (some online sources state the film never actually had a theatrical exhibition, which isn't all that surprising). As I mentioned in our Bat Pussy Blu-ray review, there's often a tension between how accurate a transfer is and how it actually looks, and this is another excellent example. There's no doubt that this 4K scan authentically recreates the source material, but there's also no doubt that the print here has considerable damage, especially in the opening and closing reels, where rather long and long lasting scratches can be seen. Even in the "middle" section of the film, though, there are manifest specks, dirt and other signs of age related wear and tear. The entire palette looks fairly faded quite a bit of the time, and there's a bluish undertone that's apparent quite frequently and which becomes even more noticeable in a number of day for night sequences. Detail levels are fairly variant depending on light conditions and framings, but quite a bit of the outdoor material actually pops relatively well. Grain looks natural and there are no compression anomalies.