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Katharine Hepburn was wonderful as 'Amanda'

A few years back, I saw the 1950 version of "The Glass Menagerie," and I could not remember any of the actors, except for the very young Kirk Douglas as "Jim O'Connor."

It turns out that Gertrude Lawrence was 'Amanda Wingfield,' in that edition, and Jane Wyman was "Laura." In this 1973 rendition both Katharine Hepburn and Sam Waterston are stellar. I wouldn't have guessed that KH was a Yankee in real life, except for having seen "The Philadelphia Story" about 100 times on late night TV.
And then all of the Spencer Tracy-KH movies.

There is another staging of The Glass Menagerie on film, starring Joanne Woodward as Amanda Wingfield - but that's hard to find. Not available on NetFlix, iTunes, Amazon, etc.