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The Glass Menagerie Movie review

Trachelle Tate

The Glass Menagerie Movie Review


Period 2

April 28, 2014

The Glass Menagerie is a sensitive and touching movie based off of Tennessee William’s original storyline. The main plot of the story seems to revolve around the mother, Amanda, who was once a southern belle with many gentleman callers. Throughout the movie the audience can tell that Amanda wants the absolute best for her children, but expresses it in rather critical methods, sometimes even being manipulative.

Amanda seems to be dissatisfied with the path that Tom is on and disappointed with the direction that Laura is on, both of which seem to be stuck on the outside of reality.

Tom Wingfield, who is like his father who went far away from the family, is a dreamer. He craves adventure outside of his home and the factory in which he works. For this reason he is angry and restless and has a lot of conflict with his mother. He is desperate to do well for himself in following his dreams, with this he begins to put himself before his family. Although when around the mother Tom is usually livid, he shows a sense of tenderness and care to his sister Laura.

Laura’s position in the play is a seemingly small yet very important part of the drama. Laura is portrayed as a shy, lost child, living in a shelter who is brought out for an instant by her “gentleman caller” Jim O’Connor. Sadly Mr. O’Connor is going steady with a different woman, which dims the hope for the future of the family

With the musical arrangements and the color choice of the stage the play maintained a dreamlike eminence. The setting allowed the loneliness and the pain of the small family to be depicted.