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Why is it taking so long for Sarno's stuff to get released? Kudos to seduction cinema for the few titles they have out.

Anybody have a bootleg of "Veil of Blood"? I have lots of stuff to trade, mostly in the strange or psychotronic genres. Please contact me.
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This has been out for ages. Look for it under the title DEVIL'S PLAYTHING, I've seen it at Best Buy for $10 sealed.


There is also a box set with this one (Veil of Blood aka Vampire Ecstasy aka Devil's Plaything) and 2 others from Joe Sarno: Girl Meets Girl (aka Bibi) & Butterflies all from 1974 and starring the lovely Marie Forsa. All titles also include audio commentary by producer Chris D. Nebe (also interviews with Nebe & Sarno). The cost is around $40 and also includes a music soundtrack from all 3 films on a forth disc (CD).

Well worth buying,



According to DVDTalk.com and DVDVerdict.com the "Devil's Plaything" release is the 85-minute R-rated cut version. The later "Vampire Ecstasy" release runs 103 minutes, still 12 minutes short of the listed running time on IMDb (assuming that IMDb is correct, which they aren't always).

I haven't seen the Devil's Plaything disc, so I have no idea what was cut, but if you want the currently most complete Region 1 DVD release, you want the Vampire Ecstasy version. Unfortunately, the VE transfer is not in anamorphic widescreen, though it is presented open matte, so you can enlarge it to fit a 16x9 TV horizontally and watch it in it's original widescreen aspect ratio.


Try this:

http://www.gemm.com/c/search.pl?field=ARTIST+OR+TITLE&wild=Vampire +Ecstasy&media_format=15

http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/6-/Search.html?searchstring=Vampire+Ecstas y&searchsource=0&searchtype=r2alldvd
(note: delivery within Europe only!)