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Is Christine the killer? (Spoilers)

So the story is largely a man-hating tale in which John’s refusal to listen to women results in him being brutally murdered. He aggressively shuts down any talk of psychic power from his wife and the sisters, even when his wife pleads that their visions alleviate her grief.

He ignores his own psychic intuitions about his impending death and pays the ultimate price for it.

But could du Maurier be really driving the dagger home by suggesting that John is responsible for Christine’s drowning (as Laura casually suggests at one point) through his neglect of women, and that the reason the dwarf is implausibly three foot tall and wearing a red coat - just like Christine - is because their daughter has come back to exact her revenge, deliberately taking a form that will lure John..?

This might also explain the knowing shake of the head the dwarf delivers, as if to say ‘Thought I was your dead daughter huh? Wrong’ before slashing his jugular.


Interesting point. I always interpreted the dwarf's shake of the head as something along the lines of 'You do get yourself into some pickles don't you'


Drooch, I have also wondered if Christine is a vengeful ghost, but even if she is, she does not personally kill her father. The dwarf is her own person and responsible for all of the recent murders in Venice, including that of John. The serial killer must speak English, or at least enough to recognize the word 'wait'. She twice shakes her head in response to being asked to stop. Her message is that she won't comply, and the man who is talking to her is about to die. This story is not a matter of chauvinism. John dismisses what he deems nonsense, not women. He would have the same reaction to Heather and Wendy if they were men. He is understandably and rightfully furious at the intrusion of the sisters and their reducing his loss to a toy. Laura has mental problems before going to Italy, and her husband blames the blind clairvoyant and her sibling for abetting the instability. He fears that his wife will lose touch with reality and never deal with Christine's death in a healthy way, which is what he is struggling to do.