if anyone has any information about the music in this film, i'd love to hear it. I'm surprised i cant find any information about the music used in the movie, if i get all the tracks from it on wax, that'd be the best one of my favorite o.s.t's...

i know one of the tunes used is Melanie by Hungry Wolf, but any information regarding the rest is appreciated.

thanks :]


well there was a kitish orgel version of tom jones "its not unusual" (well the first bar at least)
the main theme (with the electric guitar) goes
(notes not chords) D-A-E-F-E sounds a bit like from the film deadman (with the neil young soundtrack)

i was inspired to get out my guitar & started a little ditty

(chords) played like lou reed

oh chesty morgan (D 2beats, A 2beats, G 2beats, A 1beat, G 1beat)
with your boobs hanging your waist (repeat above)
yes they are deadly weapons
when you use them to smother some ugly mugs face

some say you cant act worth sh*t
but me I think youre kinda great
that deadpan expression
only the likes of brando can emulate

ok further on (riffling through the drawers), the music is
A B D Db A B D Db B


wow ! You guys are into some fine detail. I'm impressed.



The amazing fuzztone guitar instrumental is a song called "Hippy" by Alan Parker. This instrumental can also be heard in the notorious porn roughie classic "Forced Entry" and the Australian prison drama "Ghosts of the Civil Dead." Moreover, "Hippy" can also be heard in the American theatrical trailer for the Italian giallo "Torso."

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